More skills for a Brilliant Family Dog

Fetch It! 

Teach your Brilliant Family Dog to catch, fetch, retrieve, find, and bring things back!


• Got a dog who likes chasing toys … but doesn’t want to bring them back?

• Or perhaps your dog nearly takes your hand off when you offer him a toy?

• Or maybe she just trophies the toy away to her bed and chews it up!

You need help! A bit of guidance will have your dog retrieving like a pro. And if you work further through the book, you can have your dog share your work in the house by bringing you things as you need them. Everybody can enjoying having a little helper - and if you have difficulty bending or lifting, you’ll find these skills invaluable.

Following the same system as my previous books, this book takes you step-by-step through the process of teaching your dog what you want in the kindest possible way - getting him to do the thinking and work out the answers!

It’s fun for both of you to learn this way, and you can get results so much faster than you may imagine.


What’s in the book


  • Retrieve Methods

  • Rewards - super-important!

  • Retrieve articles - what will help you

  • Teach your dog to catch

  • Step-by-step Play retrieve

  • Playing Tug

  • Step-by-step Formal retrieve, for competition and assistance dogs

  • Adding the vocal cue - how to ask politely!

  • Fun - this chapter includes, amongst others,

    Fetch my shoes, Where’s my jumper, Fetch the post, Where’s your lead, Stack the dinner bowls, Fetch the tv remote, Find my keys, and how to teach Search

“I just have to let you know how thrilled I am. Dodger and I have been playing in the garden and I’ve been throwing his ball. He’s been running after it and then bringing it back. So I’m really chuffed!”

Avril and Dodger, her previously non-retrieving Staffie



Available in ebook and paperback at Amazon, and in paperback in all good book stores (get them to order it if they don’t have it in stock!)


5* Amazon review

My dog is lovely but quite excitable, which made some things really tricky ... The advice in Beverley's books is clear and simple to follow, and best of all it teaches your dog to think for itself and make good choices without any commands. Seriously, if you want a nicer, better-behaved and calmer dog, read these books and follow her steps.


“I have a whole library of doggy books and I found yours concise, easy to read and full of very useful tips. LOVING them.”

Joanna with Tilly and Flora


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