essential skills for your growly but brilliant family dog


“Picture the scene: you’re walking along the road with your dog when - horror of horrors! - another person with a dog appears at the end of the street. 

You know what’s about to happen. 

You start to breathe faster, your heart rate speeds up, you clutch the lead tightly to you, keeping your dog’s head close. By this time your dog is on full alert, wondering what on  earth has frightened you so much. 

And sure enough, it happens. 

Your dog spots the other dog, and lunges forward on the lead, barking ferociously. You gasp out broken commands as you try to keep your feet on the pavement. You try to pin your dog against the wall as the other person marches by with their dog. 

Did they just look down their nose at you? Did they shoot your dog a filthy look? 

Now shame enters the mix. Your dog has behaved badly, you were quite unable to control him, and now you’re condemned as a useless dog-owner with a nasty dog. 

This walk has turned into a walk of shame and misery. Your dog is now on his toes, anxiously scanning for the next intruder to bark at. Your hands are sore, your throat is dry. You wish you could disappear into a hole in the ground. 

The first thing to realise is that you are not alone!”

                                                                                                  from the Introduction to Book 1


If this is a familiar scene to you, then you need Essential Skills for your Growly but Brilliant Family Dog! This is a 3-part series taking you through why your dog is as he is (when he’s such a pet at home!), how you can make simple and effective changes, and finally - the jewel in the crown! - how to enjoy calm walks with your growly dog.


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Book 1

Why is my dog so growly?

Teach your fearful, aggressive, or reactive dog confidence through understanding








Book 2

Change for your Growly Dog!

Action steps to build confidence in your fearful, aggressive, or reactive dog






Book 3

Calm walks with your Growly Dog

Strategies and techniques for your fearful, aggressive, or reactive dog






“Thank you, thank you for all your help! We have a long way to go but after reading your books I have hope that sooner than we think, we will have that brilliant dog. What I like about all your books is that they are short and to the point. At the beginning of all of them when you introduce the topic, I am instantly reassured that I am not the only one with this problem and there is hope! I feel like you are watching me and Larson and describing her perfectly!”
Robin and Larson


“Wow! Your books are absolutely FANTASTIC!  These books are wonderfully written! I totally and thoroughly enjoyed each of them!!
They are so full of great information!!! I’ve been reading everything I can get my hands on for more than three years and was astonished to find that there was so much information in Book 1 which I had never come across. Thank you!
I felt as though you were speaking to me directly as I so relate to almost all of your references. For me, the four most valuable words in your books are: 'Start where you are.'


“My first attempts at following your advice are already bringing about change.“


“I love your 'Here is where you are now, and this is where I am going to hold your hand and take you to' style. I find that easy and inviting to follow.
The fact you share your personal experiences of the embarrassment we all feel, makes me feel better! and that this book is meant for me and my dog, not talking down to me, we are doing this together. An easy reading format which I understood and liked.
I liked the tone of the advice, that although we have growly dogs, there is no blame apportioned, neither for dog or owner, a straightforward “start from here and now” attitude, again I think appealing to the ordinary person with an ordinary family dog, who has no great ambitions other than to enjoy the simple pleasure of having a dog.”
Janet and Smidge


“Your introduction made me cry as I felt you really understood how I feel. I feel like you help the reader to believe in themselves and their dogs.”
Corinna and Senna

And here they all are together as a digital or paperback box-set.

Essential Skills for your GROWLY but Brilliant Family Dog - Book 1
Essential Skills for your GROWLY but Brilliant Family Dog - Book 2” /></div>

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Essential Skills for your GROWLY but Brilliant Family Dog - Box Set