5 Day Growly Workshop Mini-Course

Make your Growly Dog your Brilliant Family Dog

Learn how to get a calm walk in just five days!

Day 1 Why is my dog so growly?

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Bonus Day 6

Are you excited to get started? I'm so excited to see the transformation you're going to make - just as so many other students do - in just five days! So do let me know how you're getting on - you can reply to any email from me and it'll come right to my inbox.


Today we’re going to find out just how the dog’s brain works in relation to things that she’s afraid of. And yes - your shouting, lunging, ferocious-looking dog is afraid. Not nasty, or aggressive, or dominant, or any of the nonsense you’ve been fed by people who don’t know any better. (We only work with scientifically-proven info here.) Your dog’s afraid, and it’s our job to help allay her fears.

  1. You’ll learn just why your dog has developed this “screaming strategy” and why he thinks it helps him. Read this post to give you a start.

  2. You’ll watch the Day 1 Video Training to find out the secret of how LESS control will actually help you!

  3. You’ll keep your dog at home today instead of walking him (now that may have surprised you!)

  4. Your homework will be to improvise a walking belt to try before you send off for a proper one. More info in the Training Video.

Now you might be curious how LESS control can possibly help you when you’ve spent all this time trying to exert MORE control? Today where we're going to cover just what is going on with your dog and how you can start to make massive changes - fast!

Enjoy some indoor fun with your dog and check out possibilities for your walking belt.

Look out for tomorrow's Lesson and Video Training.