5 Day Growly Workshop Mini-Course

Make your Growly Dog your Brilliant Family Dog

Learn how to get a calm walk in just five days!

Day 1 Why is my dog so growly?

Day 2 Teach Focus and build the bond

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Bonus Day 6



Yesterday we enjoyed learning about what’s going on in our dog’s head. And today, we’re going to have you teach your dog the Focus Game. It's SUPER SIMPLE and will form the basis of the other things you’ll learn this week. 

1. You’ll visit the video lesson HERE and teach your dog
2. You’ll watch the Day 2 Video Training today and find out why this game works so well
3. You’ll find yourself playing this game often with your dog because it’s such fun! 
    5 x 1½ minute sessions would be perfect.

Remember this is all stress-free and FUN and will remind you why you wanted a dog in the first place!

Spend 15 minutes (in several short sessions) wrapping up the assignment and re-watch the Training Video.

You’ll hear me showing you just how this game can build the bond between you and your dog - and some of this may surprise you!


Look out for tomorrow's Lesson and Video Training.