5 Day Growly Workshop Mini-Course

Make your Growly Dog your Brilliant Family Dog

Learn how to get a calm walk in just five days!


So by now you’ve got a fairly good grasp of how to relate better to your dog, and why your dog will be happy to do what you want him to do. You’re realising that he’s not a bad dog, nor are you a useless owner! You just didn’t know this stuff yet. 

1. You’ll watch the video here 
2. You’ll get the Focus Game going fast and furious and FUN!
3. Read this brief article to learn how to change your dog’s perception of the things
    he fears. You’ll need this under your belt for tomorrow!
4. You’ll watch our Training Video and troubleshoot any issues you’re having.
5. Be sure to have several sessions with your dog of only 1 - 1½ minutes in length, 
    throughout the day. This is where the learning happens!

Just like that you’ve found new ways to learn how your dog views the world and how you now have the power to change it: this stuff works!

After you’ve worked through today’s homework, have a think how you're feeling so far! Do you feel good about becoming a team with your dog instead of opposing each other? Are you nervous, excited? And don't worry - I'm not expecting perfection quite yet - that will take a little practice, but will come a lot faster than you expect.

You might be struggling to get this all going - don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Today in the Video Training we’re talking about any issues you may be having in understanding your dog. 

Finding all this beginning to fall into place? 


Look out for tomorrow's Lesson and Video Training - and get excited because I haven’t let you tell your dog to do anything so far - well, tomorrow we’ll be looking at how we can communicate using our lead.