5 Day Growly Workshop Mini-Course

Make your Growly Dog your Brilliant Family Dog

Learn how to get a calm walk in just five days!


Now, I’m going to dive in on today’s Training Video to give you some amazing tips on just how you go about giving your dog a choice at the same time as keeping that control people say you need to exert more of. But I want to elaborate for you here just what you’ll be doing:

1.  First, you’ll watch the video here
2.  Once you and your dog master this skill, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!
3.  You’ll enjoy our Video Training where I’ll give you the inside track on how to communicate with your dog through your lead.
4.  You’ll plan your 5 x 1½ minute sessions for your games, and run through
     everything you’ve learnt so far.

I’ll be happy to hear of your success so far: drop me an email and share the Aha! moments that both you and your dog are having!

Now if you've been feeling you need help to get your timing right with this, we’re going to cover that EXACT topic on our Video Training today!


Look out for tomorrow's Lesson and Video Training!