5 Day Growly Workshop Mini-Course

Make your Growly Dog your Brilliant Family Dog

Learn how to get a calm walk in just five days!



How did you get on with your short walk yesterday? After the work you’ve put in at home was your dog noticeably calmer? slower to react? more responsive to you? 

Those should all have happened. 

But it’s possible something happened unexpectedly in that little walk that disrupted your calm. 

So today you’ll learn how to gently move your dog out of trouble without force and yelling - this is how to beat a calm and orderly retreat, with everyone’s feathers staying unruffled!

1. You’ll watch the short video here This is an important concept covered in full in the  premium course.
2. You’ll watch our Video Training and find out how to get this to work every time you need to make an escape!
3. You’ll be able to put your sessions so far to good use by trying another VERY short walk with your dog - and learn where you go from here.

Email me and let me know that you did it! And how well it worked for you.

Do you feel able to say “I’ve now got a Brilliant Family Dog!” Or, of course, any hint of a change that you can see - I just want to hear about your success! You should feel so much more confident with your dog - you’re not a hopeless owner letting down your  difficult dog, you just needed to learn a better way. Let me know how you’re finding this all so far.

Make sure you watch today's Video Training where I’ll show you how to develop further your relationship with your dog, and your next steps to getting the Brilliant Family Dog you’ve always wanted.



Look out for tomorrow's Bonus Video Training - see you there!