From New Puppy to Brilliant Family Dog

New Puppy!

Biting? No sleep? Puddles?

How to survive the early weeks and still love your puppy!

Everything you need to know - fast - for the new puppy in your life. Even seasoned dog-owners tend to forget in the big gap between puppies. And, of course, every puppy is different! Your new pup may present a completely new set of challenges for you.

In this book I gather ten years’ experience working with puppies - in class, on tutored group walks, and in home visits; not to mention very young puppies boarding in my home, and my own many puppies down the years - and put it all together in one volume.

This is what the new puppy-owner needs from the moment the puppy lands in their house (sometimes with a big bang!).

I take you through systems that I have tried and tested and proven - that will work from the start.


What’s in the book?

  • Sleep - yours, and your puppy’s

  • Biting - sleeves, children, furniture …

  • Puppies and children

  • Socialisation - just what does it mean?

  • Exercise - how often? How much?

  • Feeding - how often? How much? What to feed?

  • Jumping up! - Simple step-by-steps to change this

  • Housetraining - guaranteed recipe for success

  • Stealing and running off and other irksome habits

  • Choosing a puppy - the three key stages

 And lots of free resources for the new puppy-owner

Whatever issue you have with your newcomer - I got you covered!


Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us new puppy owners! Although I grew up with dogs and our puppy is our second family dog it doesn’t make it any easier!



Available in ebook and paperback at Amazon, and in paperback in all good book stores (get them to order it if they don’t have it in stock!)




First let me tell you that your housetraining advice was AMAZING. I practiced everything you suggested and within 1-2 days, I had no more accidents in the house.  I am thrilled with the practical suggestions, methods and techniques that you have made available on the internet. Your wealth of experience is amazing and your willingness to share it is wonderful. Thank you for what you do.

Elizabeth and Ruby


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