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make your growly dog your brilliant family dog

FREE 5 Day Workshop 

Start the change to calmer walks!

5 Days to a greater understanding of your Growly Dog

with active strategies for change - in just 5 little days


The LIVE workshop has finished!

but you can join us here 

and enjoy the *whole* workshop MINI-COURSE

with your reactive, anxious, shy, aggressive - Growly - Dog


Your anxious, reactive, aggressive dog can be happy on walks again! | FREE WORKSHOP | www.brilliantfamilydog.com


Daily Email Training & Tutorials

Everyday I'll pop up in your inbox to give you a gentle nudge to do your daily training


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Daily Video Trainings

In addition to daily email training - you'll also be invited to join me every day at a time to suit you, and enjoy the  Video Trainings

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Support and Fun!

Change the way you view your troublesome dog and enjoy the support of others on the same journey: no need to feel alone! And remember why you got your dog in the first place

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