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Turn your new DOG into your

Brilliant Family Dog

Free 5 Day Workshop

learn how to teach your puppy or new dog through choice

5 days to a dog who'll do anything to please you!

The workshop begins on 

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Monday 27th November at 9 am EST / 1 pm GMT


in this free 5-day workshop you'll get



Daily Email Training & Tutorials

Everyday I'll pop up in your inbox to give you a gentle nudge to do your daily training

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Daily Facebook Live Trainings

In addition to daily email training - you'll also be invited to join me every day at 3pm EST / 8pm GMT on Facebook for extra training! **

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Support and FUN!

Start a new way of life with your dog - whether it's a new puppy or rescue dog, or simply trying to change things with the pet you already have

Plus FREE Registration Bonus: Register for the FREE Workshop - and you'll get access to all 5 videos after the 5-Day Workshop is over. (Don't say Brilliant Family Dog doesn't look after you!)


Yes please! I want in!


** On Tuesday 28th November the Live Training will be at 4.30pm EST / 9.30pm GMT

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