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RJ loves the lessons. When he hears the theme music, he comes over and gets ready for training sessions.
— Joan and RJ, Miniature Schnauzer


• putting an end to senseless and energy-sapping squabbles with your dog

• knowing just what is possible and reasonable to expect from your family dog

• having a roadmap laid out before you of exactly how to achieve that

• and enjoying your dog as you planned when you first got him!

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Four carefully chosen lessons for you to get started fast!

You’re a powerhouse and one of my heroes! You’ve been teaching us so much! No way I would have survived without your knowledge - thanks again.
— Amal and Neith, Egyptian Baladi

Find out just how to communicate with your dog, without shouting, finger-wagging, force, or coercion!

Learning should be fun for both of you - as you build a bond between you which will be unbreakable!

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