Books to help Growly, reactive, fearful, and aggressive dogs


I'm excited to be able to announce the release of my new book series! 

Essential Skills for your Growly but Brilliant Family Dog


Many of you have been waiting for quite a while - so now your patience is rewarded. You can read all about them under the Books tab at the top of the page.


You'll see just how they can help you understand your Growly Dog - why she's doing what she's doing (that's all in Book 1, Why is my dog so growly? - and how you can change things simply and fast - Book 2 is called Change for your Growly Dog! The third book in the series Calm Walks with your Growly Dog gives you solid techniques for making your walks calm and joyful once more.


You can get them in e-book or paperback format - and no, you don't need a special gadget to read them. Check out Amazon for their free Kindle app which enables you to read any e-book on any device.


They were carefully "tested" on people just like you - who have a dog they love dearly, who is a pet inside the house, then grows horns as soon as you go out!


Have a look at what these readers thought: 


I found the books remarkably accurate with respect to the behaviours that you have outlined. It was like you have been living here and observing our dogs’ behaviour! The way you explain how to train the dogs is in a no-nonsense way that doesn't preach but actually empathises with the problem at hand.

Nazia and her five dogs


I am thoroughly enjoying the books and learning a lot. Really felt as if you were personally talking to me.

Carolyn and Jess


I have enjoyed reading your growly books, and I have learnt an awful lot about dog behaviour. There is so much information in these books that I can see I will be reading them again and again.”




I'll let the books speak for themselves



Essential Skills for your GROWLY but Brilliant Family Dog - Book 1
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