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Want to transform your growly dog in just 5 days? All without force?  | FREE LIVE WORKSHOP  | #aggressivedog, #reactivedog, #dogtraining, #growlydog, #anxiousdog, #overfriendlydog |

Exciting times! Our ever-popular Free Live 5 Day Workshop for your Growly but Brilliant Family Dog starts next week. People are already piling in and waiting excitedly for the private group to open in a few days’ time.

I, of course, think it’s the best thing since sliced bread:

  • It gives hope to people with no hope.

  • It shows people who have been told to do nasty things to their dog that they are right, and there is a better way.

  • It gets results!

  • It massively builds people’s confidence that they can do this!

  But why not let the Workshoppers speak for themselves?   

“Four days later and you simply wouldn't recognise Tia. She has changed positively beyond my dreams. Another day another success - can't believe the almost total positive change in both Tia and me. Never seen her so relaxed and responsive when we're walking.”

 “She is already much happier, more responsive AND is improving on her recall.”

“Such small changes with such amazing results!”

“We had a lovely walk, and I think I've overcome a huge hurdle. Now there's a big difference. It's made me more confident. This morning I did none of my usual distractions or avoidance of other dogs but just let things happen. I am so thrilled. Of course, I'm now wishing I'd known this years ago. My dog is just 7 and we've had such a stressful time. We are on our way to a much happier life together because when she's relaxed, I'm relaxed too, and we can have much more fun.” 

“Thank you so much for the training over the last few days, my little terrier George has had a calm week. The main thing is how you have made me and George think about things differently and make some fundamental changes.”  


You are not alone any more:


“I did not realise just how anxious my dog actually is. It’s also lovely to interact with others who experience similar problems.”


For some people, it was less barking:


“Hi Beverley, now on Day 4 of your free online course, thank you. Molly is super chilled and not barked at the neighbour, which she would normally do. Thank you for your expertise. I'm convinced.“

“Other dog lunging barking snarling. Lola and I turned and walked away. I was so proud of her - she never looked back pulled growled or barked, I am brimming with pride. A few months ago she would have been the other dog but not any more. Beverley thank you for all your wonderful advice and coaching.”


For some folk, it was at last stopping the pulling on the lead!


“Well we continued with the focus training and loose lead walking training after the fab workshop, and we have just had the BEST walk we have ever had in 4 and a half years!”

 “Four days into this Workshop, we are making great progress overall with her attention. Loving this hands-free approach. It has also set us up for some great loose leash walking! Thank you Beverley!” 

“ I thought you might like an update! My working lab is now eleven months old and from pulling like a steam engine he is now walking beautifully. This has helped my shoulders and back!”


Even professional trainers learn from the Workshop!


“Just love the first two days of your 5 Day Workshop. I am an Instructor and I have passed your details to one of my students.“


And, in general, people just LOVE the approach, which is a breath of fresh air for many of them:


“Thanks for your kind approach; it’s so much nicer than harsh words or worse!”

“This is really revolutionary! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and by that helping a huge number of people be their best version of pet companion.”

“I love love LOVE that as a beginner it’s about just doing the exercises and letting the magic happen, whether with my creativity or my dog’s responses! THIS I can do!!”

“There are no words for how grateful I am for the start Beverley has given me.”


So get on over to Free Live 5 Day Workshop for your Growly but Brilliant Family Dog and mark your calendar for September 16th when we’ll be starting . . .

  •  Starting a new way to be with your anxious dog.

  • Starting a new way for you to think about your troubled companion.

  • Starting a new life for the both of you!

See you there!