What is your biggest problem with your dog?

What’s your biggest frustration with your dog? And do you think you’ll never be able to fix it? Come to our force-free, dog-friendly Live Workshop and find a new way to make the changes you want | FREE ONLINE WORKSHOP! | #aggressivedog, #reactivedog, #dogtraining, #growlydog, #anxiousdog, #overfriendlydog |

And what's your biggest frustration right now with training your dog?

You may be saying,

He barks at everything!


I can’t have visitors to the house any more

OR, maybe

I’d love to go for walks or holidays with friends, but my dog is so unpredictable … it wouldn’t be fair on them or their dogs.

I understand that so well!

I was like that for a long time, thinking nothing would ever work to change my dog. I thought I’d tried everything. But in fact I’d only seen the tip of the iceberg, the things people shout loudest about . . .

But now I’ve dug way deeper and learnt how to do it - all dog-friendly, no nastiness, no shouting, no nasty gadgets - and I’ve been able to help hundreds and hundreds of people like you - frustrated owners who love their dogs - to make big changes with their dogs and make their lives happier and so much more comfortable.

If I had something that could help you solve this problem, would you be interested in taking a look at it?

What would it be worth to you to have these problems solved?

What do you think it's costing you not to solve these problems?

  • Losing friends?

  • Spending money on expensive trainers?

  • or nasty gadgets?

  • No holidays? No kennels to take your dog?

  • Worst case: vet or doctor or legal bills?

Maybe you’re like Liz, who never really had the chance to talk to other dog-owners about her problems. She found it quite isolating having a growly dog!

Or maybe you can relate to Emma, who found that every time she visited the lessons she’d get a renewed sense of calm and her resolve would be strengthened.  

I felt like an outcast. All I could see around me was well-behaved dogs, and mine was like a Tasmanian devil on the lead! But this support is helping me to really focus on helping my little rescue dog, and things are starting to look better. He’s experiencing a calmer way of being outside. Thank you Beverley, you are amazing.”

And what about Stella? After the Workshop she dived straight into my full program, and said:

“Only one day in and already good things are happening! All sorts of realisations dawning on me! Thank you Beverley, really enjoying this journey.”

SO …

Mark your calendar for Monday September 16th, when you’ll find out just HOW I’ve helped so many people to change their lives with their dogs.

I’ll be hosting one of my celebrated Live 5 Day Workshops and it’ll give you a behind-the-scenes look at some of the methodologies used in my paid program - and you’ll get it all free!

Karla absolutely loved the Workshop, and she said,

“thank you for all you do to help as many dogs as possible.”

Do come and join us! There’ll be people from all round the world - and I would love to have the opportunity to show you a new way to cope with your difficult, reactive, aggressive - Growly - dog! so YOU can get the results that these folk have had!

See you on the 16th!


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The Daily Dog Walk… Really? Do I Have To?

The Daily Dog Walk is a myth dreamt up by people who don’t understand how dogs tick | FREE EMAIL COURSE | #aggressivedog, #reactivedog, #dogtraining, #growlydog, #dogbehavior, #anxiousdog, #overfriendlydog |

This article was first published on and is reprinted here with permission


You’re feeling guilty about your dog. You look at him and he gazes back with those patient brown eyes that can see right into your heart. You feel guilty because you’ve been so rushed today that you didn’t fit in a morning walk, and now it’s pouring with rain and you can’t face it. But have another look at those gorgeous brown eyes: what’s your dog trying to tell you?

He’s saying that what he wants is some time with you – some action, yes, to use up his huge store of energy – but mainly it’s time enjoying life with you that he wants.

So don’t fret over missing a walk. Here’s something for you to hang on to:

Dogs do not need to be walked every day.


“You mean I don’t have to walk him every day, whatever the weather?”

That’s right.

And for some dogs – fearful, reactive, or old and creaky – that comes as a great relief!

For help with your reactive, anxious, aggressive, “growly” dog, get our free email course here.

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What’s the walk for?

Imagine you are afraid of spiders. And every day your friend insists on taking you along a spider-strewn walk, your face brushing past bushes draped with webs and wriggly beasties, seeing them scamper across the path in front of you.

Are you going to enjoy those walks?

I think not.

And if you have a dog who reacts to every dog he sees by barking ferociously and lunging towards it – shouting at it to go away – then he’s not going to enjoy that overmuch.

And your shoulders and wrists probably won’t either!

So choose times and places to walk your fearful dog when he has a chance of enjoying the outing, not having a procession of other dogs marching towards him along the road, in other words.

Your old and creaky dog can tell you when he’d like to join you for a slow amble. Pick up the lead and see what he says. If he starts a juddery dance with his stiff old legs, and comes to get the lead put on, then off you go. But if he turns his head away, or stays resolutely on his bed – leave him be. Of course he needs some exercise to stay as well as he can be, and to keep his digestive system moving. But a gentle game in the garden may fit the bill.

Your fearful dog would benefit from some sessions with a force-free trainer who can build his confidence so he doesn’t need to shout with fear at new dogs or people.

Your old dog may appreciate a joint supplement to loosen up those old bones a bit.

My dog is young and active!

Fearful and old dogs are the special cases.

But if your dog is young and active and has energy to burn, then you can exercise his body and his mind in far better ways than tramping along a hard road on a lead.

The Daily Dog Walk is a myth dreamt up by people who don’t understand how dogs tick | FREE EMAIL COURSE | #aggressivedog, #reactivedog, #dogtraining, #growlydog, #dogbehavior, #anxiousdog, #overfriendlydog |

If you have a garden, however small, you can enjoy a fast and furious game with a ball or frisbee. Both of you will enjoy this, and both of you should be puffing by the end of it!

Your aim is for your dog to be panting with his sides heaving, his eyes sparkling. Your dog doesn’t play ball? Just start a running chase game with him – take turns at chasing and being chased.


Better yet - use his brain as well as his body.

Thinking – as we all know too well! – can be more tiring than doing. So see what rainy day fun you can have indoors.

Scent Games and Brain Games are great for this

  • Find the Lady

    using upturned beakers with a treat beneath one of them, for instance.

  • Hide and Seek

You can hide a favourite toy, one of the children, or yourself! Hiding may just involve rolling someone up in a duvet and letting your dog dig them out (protect faces from scraping claws). Or the family could scatter and hide under beds or in cupboards. This was always a favourite game with my children!

  • Practicing your superfast recall

Inject excitement into this game to get your dog’s speed up, calling him from one end of the house to the other – for a game or a treat.

  • Teach your dog to tidy up!

Show him how to put his toys back in his basket, or pick up his empty food bowl and pass it to you (for another treat to be dropped into it, of course!). He could even put it on the shelf in the cupboard, if it’s at the right height for him.

  • Have him fetch the mail,

or bring his lead when you’re going out, act as an alarm clock for the teenagers by leaping onto their beds and snuffling their sleeping faces!


These games are all so much more fun than clomping around a cold dark street!

Yes, your dog does need to go out and see and experience the world, and run free over field or beach.

He just doesn’t have to do it every day.

The Daily Dog Walk is a myth dreamt up by people who don’t understand how dogs tick | FREE EMAIL COURSE | #aggressivedog, #reactivedog, #dogtraining, #growlydog, #dogbehavior, #anxiousdog, #overfriendlydog |

And watch out for September 16th when something exciting is happening here at Brilliant Family Dog - you won’t want to miss it!



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